TestDNet DNC Token


The DNetcoin Wallet App has two main features:

  • manage the token, e.g. send and receive DNC token
  • manage the dnet, e.g. create a dnet and manage the membership.

App List

  • dnetcoin-qt: dnetcoin GUI App, with dnetcoind built-in, usually for desktop like Windows, MacOS and Ubuntu;
  • dnetcoind: dnetcoin daemon, usually for hosting on Linux server and mining;
  • dnetcoin-cli: the command line interface to dnetcoind.

The dnetcoin-qt is a user friendly desktop GUI application with two main features:

  • manage the dnc token, e.g. making token transfer and checking token balance in the wallet, and
  • manage the dnet, e.g. creating a dnet and adding member nodes to it.

The dnetcoin-cli has the same feature sets, but in command line interface (CLI), usually used in Linux server environment.





Run dnetcoin Desktop App

Data Directory

# datadir: the data folder, following tables have default
# testdnet: connecting to testdnet chain
dnetcoin -testdnet [-datadir=YOUR_CUSTOM_DIR]

If the dadadir option is omitted, the default datadir is as following:

MacOS/Users/$USER/Library/Application\ Support/DNetcoin

*replace $USER with system user name.

Main Screen

The main screen looks like this:

dnetcoin wallet

Generate DNC Token

Under main dnetcoin Window, select the Help/Debug Window menu, then select Console Tab, using generate 1 in command bar to generate testdnet token, as shown on following screen shot.


With the generated DNC token, a dnet can then be created.

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