Deploying dnetvlan node for Window

1.Download the Windows dnetvlan installation package

Stable version download:


2.Run the dnetvlan client

Install dnetvlan client and run DNET.VLAN with windows administrator privileges.

When the dnetvlan client is started for the first time, the dnet list is empty because it has not been added to any dnet. If the dnetvlan client needs to join the specified dnet, send the client node address (c2pkh) to the dnet administrator.

3.Request "dnet administrator" to add c2pkh to the dnet

The My Devices prompt bar shows the client information details, including the address(c2pkh), virtual IP fields. Now the virtual IP is empty, because the dnetvlan client has not joined any dnet.(Virtual IPs are assigned by the dnet administrator): alt win_my_devices_info

If the dnetvlan node needs to join the specified dnet, provide the dnetvlan node address (c2pkh) to the dnet administrator.

The dnet administrator uses the dnetcoin to add the client node (address) as a group member node. After joining, it takes about 2-3 minutes to wait for the blockchain miners to verify. If the dnet to join is not displayed for a long time, you can try to click the Refresh button to force a refresh.

After the dnetvlan client node is synchronized with the setting in the testdnet chain, the dnet will be displayed on the home page.

alt win_join_group_success_info

The first time a client node connects to a new dnet is not automatic, and requires manual operation to connect or disconnect the specified dnet. The dnetcoin client will remember this operation and will automatically connect or disconnect on the next run start.

4.dnetvlan connect or disconnect from dnet

In the dnet list on the home page, disconnect is displayed on the dnet, indicating that the local dnetvlan node has not established a connection with the dnet.

Select the specified dnet to enter the dnet member list page: alt win_connect_group_info

If the client does not establish a connection with the dnet, the member nodes will not be displayed. Click the connect button to establish the connection. (The connection may time out, please try again)

When the dnetvlan client successfully establishes a connection with the group, you can view the member nodes in the group (the online nodes are displayed by default).You can also use the right-click menu, ping the specified node to test network connectivity: alt

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