Quick Start

The Quick Start section shows the complete steps to deploy and run a modified Tinc VPN (based on released 1.0.36 version, 1.1pre version will be adapted in near future) on D.Network platform. It creates a concrete instance based on the abstract DNet overlay network definition. The instance overlay network is a Layer 3 Virtual LAN. The dnet-tinc app hide all Tinc-VPN configuration details from user and make it very easy to use, which is one of the benefits to run Apps on DNet platform.

For admins, get familiar with the overall workflow before continue. Once understand the workflows, the process to create a dnet is straightforward and usually takes 15 - 30 minutes.

User Roles

There are three types of dnet user roles:

  • Network Admin (dnet-admin): admins use dnet's dnet-cli commands to manage the dnet records, e.g creating a new dnet and add/delete member nodes, assigning ovc resources;
  • Cloud resource provider (ovc-provider): ovc is the cloud backend of the overlay network. The ovc resource admins use dnet-cli commands to register ovc cloud resources into DNetDB and vlan-cli commands to add authorized dnet.
  • End user (end-user): end users run vlan-cli commands or easy-to-use Apps with GUI to initialize, start, join and connect an overlay network.


How it works

    1. Add a dnet record to generate a dnetID (dnet-admin);
    1. Add an ovc record to generate a ovcID (ovc-provider);
    1. Add OVC to DNet, insert ovcID into dnetID's record (dnet-admin);
    1. Authorize DNet in OVC, the Tinc's meta node is the OVC(ovc-provider);
    1. Add nodes to dnet, insert Tinc nodes' pubkey into dnetID's record (end-user, dnet-admin);
    1. Tinc Node Connect to OVC (end-user);
    1. Layer 3 Private Overlay Network created (end-user).

For the end users, only the step 5,6,7 are needed. It is easy to use and similar to join a group chat as in IM.

Next few sections are the actual CLI walk-through for the above steps for different user roles.

Software Downloads

ProgramsDescriptionRun-OnUser Role
dnetcoindthe DNC Token wallet and DNetDB daemonend-nodednet-admin
dnetcoin-cliThe CLI to manage dnetdend-nodednet-admin
dnetcoin-qtthe App with GUIend-nodednet-admin
vlandthe vlan app daemon, which can be configured to run as client or ovc append-node for client, cloud for ovcend-user or ovc-provider
vlancliThe CLI to manage vlandend-node for client, cloud for ovcend-user or ovc-provider
vlanappthe vlan App with GUIend-nodeend-user or ovc-provider

Note: only the vland daemon needs to run 24x7 for the overlay network, and other tools are launched whenever needed.


ProgramsEndnodeOverlay CloudP2P Network Blockchain
dnetcoindWindow, Mac, LinuxN/ALinux, Window
dnetcoin-cliWindow, Mac, LinuxN/ALinux, Window
dnetcoin-qtWindow, Mac, LinuxN/ALinux, Window
vlandWindow, Mac, Linux, Android, Wifi RouterLinux, WindowN/A
vlancliWindow, Mac, Linux, Wifi RouterLinux, WindowN/A
vlanappWindow, Mac, Linux, Android, Wifi Router(Web)Linux, WindowN/A

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